Multi-Channel E-Strategy

If at first you don’t reach the consumer, keep reaching.

What channels do we use as part of our multi-channel strategy? Electronic retailing (direct response advertising, television home
shopping and the Internet) is a proven way to build a database, generate exposure and produce revenue. Conveniently, when electronic retailing is working in a brand’s favor, it helps fuel more traditional retail channels of distribution.  If the goal is to build an exceptional brand with tremendous value in a relatively short period of time, the cumulative effect of our multi-channel strategy can pay huge dividends.

What does the multi-channel strategy mean for the modern shopper? It means that with our multi-channel strategy supporting a brand, they can do their shopping on their terms, 24/7/365. It means they can find tangible brands in virtual places. It means a brand isn’t just a brand; it’s an experience—one that frequently includes the experience of buying.

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